The Best Audit And Assurance Services in Sharjah, UAE

Sharjah is one of the seven emirates of UAE that has stringent audit laws, and non-compliance with them by companies can become a corporate scandal. Federal law number 2 of 2015 governs the auditing of companies in the UAE. As per Article 27, the company law mandates all LLCs o limited liability companies, or joint-stock companies, to have auditors to provide exemplary auditing standards, transparency, and disclosures.

BDJ consult, being the leading audit and assurance services UAE, knows all the Emirate laws to comply with enough openness and required disclosure. We are the best audit firm in Sharjah to ensure companies follow all the rules, guidelines, and policies to provide an accurate internal and external financial statement to submit to the central bank, tax department, and security authority.

Types of audit and assurance services provided by BDJ consult

Auditing is an art of independent and systematic investigation and review of financial statements, accounting records, revenue & expense reports, and management of information and accounts. Its primary responsibility is to ensure proper maintenance of all financial reports with deliberate preparation and presented relatively. Assurance checks the accuracy of the accounting information to be a compilation of processes to analyze and assess operations and procedures, among others. As the leading auditors in Sharjah, we provide many audit services.

  • Statutory audit services ensure that all the companies’ financial records and statements are accurate as per the legal requirements for adequately handling funds to avoid misappropriation.
  • Internal audit services, also known as the operational audit services acted in Sharjah associations, assure them concerning the viability of internal controls for accomplishing the companies’ goals.
  • External audit services or financial audit services in Sharjah examine the companies’ financial-related undertakings to ensure decency and truth to gauge their processes ad responses.
  • VAT audit services ensure individuals comply with provisions of the UAE VAT law for successful assessment by the FTA or the federal tax authority.
  • Compliance audit and assurance services enable compliance with all the rules and regulations as per the Emirate law for companies to operate smoothly.
  • Agreed-upon procedure audit services enhance the credibility of the information provided by the companies to third parties like regulatory agencies, banks, prospective purchasers, and investors.

How can Value-Added Services help your business to grow in the UAE?

BDJ consultant being the best auditing services in Sharjah, helps our clients grow their business in UAE with the best value-added services. From selecting a suitable license for opening bank accounts, we help companies for smooth operations to overgrow in the UAE. Our array of value-added services provides companies the essential peace of mind as we take care of all the compliance with the UAE laws for all their corporate obligations. Our experienced professional team provides direct and indirect support to grow the business. Also, our expert advice will save time, effort, and costs for companies to grow fast in the UAE.

Why Choose BDJ Consult for Value-Added Services in Sharjah, UAE?

BDJ Consult offers the best value-added services in Sharjah UAE to provide transparency and compliance requirements as per the Emirate law. There are multiple reasons to choose us that include.

  • Offer a wide range of value-added services like help for office rental, PRO services, second citizenship, and VAT registration.
  • Help in registering the company with a valid license, opening bank accounts, and getting family, investor, and employment visa
  • Support to satisfy the government authorities in many matters like the formalities for company formation to reduce the time for visa approval, documentation, licensing, and others
  • Help get approvals from many ministries and government departments, and support in foreign affairs, labor, and immigration.

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  • Is statutory audit compulsory in UAE?

    Yes, statutory audit is compulsory in the UAE for certain entities, as per the regulations set by the UAE government. It ensures compliance with legal requirements and provides transparency in financial reporting. However, businesses can also benefit from Value-Added Services in Sharjah, UAE, offered by audit firms to enhance their financial management and decision-making processes.

  • How auditing will help for tax filing?

    Auditing makes tax filing a lot easier by keeping financial records accurate, spotting any mistakes, and optimizing tax liabilities. It helps you stay compliant with tax regulations, minimizing the risk of penalties. For businesses in Sharjah, UAE, auditing is a Value-Added Service that strengthens financial integrity and simplifies the whole tax filing process.

  • How internal audit differs from external audit?

    Internal audits focus on evaluating a company's internal controls and processes, conducted by employees to enhance efficiency and compliance. External audits, performed by independent auditors, verify financial statements' accuracy and integrity. Value Added Services In Sharjah, UAE, encompass internal and external audits, ensuring comprehensive financial oversight and business improvement.


  • How confidential will the information I provide to you and my audit report be?

    The information you provide and your audit report will be kept strictly confidential, following stringent privacy standards and regulations. In Sharjah, UAE, Value Added Services ensure that your sensitive data is securely handled, maintaining trust and integrity throughout the audit process.

  • Why would you want an audit for the financial statements?

    An audit of financial statements isn't just about accuracy; it boosts credibility and helps spot potential issues, building trust among stakeholders and guiding smart decisions. Value Added Services In Sharjah, UAE services go beyond basic audits, strengthening financial integrity, compliance, and overall business confidence.

  • How long does an audit typically take?

    An audit usually takes from a few weeks to several months, depending on the company's size and complexity. Good planning and organization can speed things up. Value Added Services In Sharjah, UAE help streamline audits, ensuring timely and thorough evaluations for businesses, which boosts financial transparency and compliance.