Financial Solutions in UAE

β€œAt least eighty percent of millionaires are self-made. That is, they started with nothing but ambition and energy, the same way most of us start.” – Brian Tracy

Our Mission and Vision

Guiding our clients to be successful entrepreneurs by suggesting and helping them at each step of the business management process.

Since 1993

How We Helped Our Clients

  • We managed opening up of various companies starting from feasibility/project report in the field of TV, Radio, Media Production, Software, Car Rental etc., in Free Zone and In-land in and creating an operational and financial reporting system for them.
  • We secured external funding of GBP 5 Millions and Trade Facilities of almost AED 10 Million with various banks in UAE.
  • We have created an investment portfolio of USD 5 Million base capital in Real Estate in Dubai and USD 0.5 Million in investment in offshore funds.
  • We do valuations for companies.
  • We have implemented various ERPs and Accounting software after studying the requirement of clients.

Our Services

Our Clients